About Us

Gregory Kellett’s obsession for merging the worlds of neuroscience and optimal performance has led him to help individuals and organizations build resilience.

Gregory has a Master’s in neuroscience & prior to coaching, conducted research in brain performance as well as the effects of stress on the nervous system for over 11 years at both SFSU and the UCSF.

He is also a Master NLP practitioner known for his unique ability to rewire unconscious patterns and habits towards real world success and satisfaction.

Contact: Gregory@unwynd.com


Sonya-purple-headSonya Stewart is dedicated to supporting individuals and organizations achieve their full potential. She creates powerful results through her mastery of the transformative psychology of NLP and is particularly gifted at creating the systems and architecture needed to support sustainable change.

She also has passion for creating community which has lead her to produce culture catalyzing events such as TEDxFiDiWomen, Wisdom 2.0 and the School for the Well Spoken Woman.

Contact: Sonya@unwynd.com