Our Dual Approach

Your mind and body play off each other. If one is compromised the other suffers.

So why not optimize both?

The Two Prongs

Comprehensive BioScreen

Modern biological testing offers a quick and easy way to see what’s going on “behind the scenes” of your brain and physiology.

With a simple blood draw and some saliva samples you will find out how your DNA and biochemistry are affecting your energy, mood and capacity to get what you want done, done.

With this testing you will:

  • Find out which foods may be giving you brain fog and fatigue
  • Understand how to support your bio-chemistry for clearer thinking and focus
  • Learn to optimize your hormones so you can consistently feel energized
  • See what your genetics say about how to best dial in your mood and performance

Mental Alignment

Clearly identify next steps and remove unconscious mental blocks.

Our system of psychological support and customized accountability ensures that you fully show up for yourself, in just the right way.

With our coaching we will:

  • Clarify your goals and next steps in full detail
  • Find out what’s been subconsciously holding you back
  • Align a clear plan with precise action towards desired results
  • Understand how to successfully & easily rewire your bad habits
  • Discover and shed light on your blind spots
  • Get the support and tough love you need to start kicking ass right now