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Bio Screen

  • Blood test identifying potential food sensitivities
  • Saliva test looking at hormone balance
  • Genetic test (via saliva) exploring what nutrients you may be missing
  • 90 min review of lab results
  • An assessment of ten vital factors which may be fogging your brain and depleting your energy
  • A tailored plan based on your specific physiological and genetic profile


  • Neurolingistic therapy focused on clarifying your goals & revealing what is in the way
  • Emotional and social intelligence tips and hints
  • A habit review and
  • Tough love and accountability
  • Removal of subconscious blocks
  • Insight into what you don’t know you don’t know

Package Most Popular

  • Everything included in both the Bioscreen and Coaching… with a fat discount

You can schedule a pro-bono 30 min strategy session here.

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